Parenting Time – Making the most of Shared Moments

In Ohio, the term “visitation” has been replaced by “parenting time,” though both terms essentially refer to the same concept. This transition often arises in situations where legal custody is undisputed, and decisions center around the allocation of time between parents.

Prioritizing Stability and Care: In cases where one parent has been the primary caregiver or homemaker, maintaining consistency for the child(ren) is crucial. Recognizing this, the courts aim to establish a suitable parenting time arrangement that respects the child(ren)’s established routine and best interests.

Understanding Standard Parenting Time: Courts typically offer a standard parenting time arrangement as a guideline, which parties can adopt by agreement. While these arrangements share fundamental principles, they can vary based on jurisdiction. When parents reside in close proximity, the standard schedule often includes alternating weekends, shared holidays, and a substantial block of summer time for the non-residential parent. Mid-week visits, either for a few hours or overnight, may also be considered.

Resolving More Than Visitation: Disputes about parenting time can sometimes be rooted in underlying issues stemming from the separation itself. Emotional responses to divorce, such as feelings of loss or changes in financial circumstances, can inadvertently fuel disagreements over parenting time. The ultimate goal, however, should be to establish a fluid and open parenting time arrangement that truly benefits the child(ren)’s well-being.

Adapting to Changing Needs: Parenting time arrangements may evolve as the child(ren) grow. While younger children may benefit from shorter, frequent visits, older children might thrive with less frequent, extended visits. Communication between parents becomes paramount in crafting a dynamic schedule that aligns with the child(ren)’s developmental stages and needs.

Prioritizing Effective Communication: Effective communication is key, particularly in co-parenting scenarios. Learning to collaborate and discuss shared parenting goals can be challenging, yet it remains a vital aspect of ensuring the child(ren)’s stability and happiness. Our team at Thurman and Associates LLC offers various strategies to facilitate productive communication between parents, even in challenging situations.

Ensuring Your Parenting Rights: In cases where unreasonable behavior hampers the parenting time arrangement, our attorneys can provide guidance on seeking necessary modifications or enforcing your rights. We are dedicated to advocating for your parental rights and securing the best possible outcome given the circumstances.

Navigating Parenting Time

Whether you have questions about existing visitation arrangements, wish to propose changes, or require legal assistance, our experienced attorneys are here to support you through the process. Contact Thurman and Associates LLC today to learn more about how we can assist you.