Post-Divorce Modifications: Navigating Change

At Thurman and Associates LLC, we understand that life after divorce can bring new circumstances and challenges. If you and your former spouse come to an agreement to modify a court order – whether it’s a temporary support order, final decree, or any other type of order – it’s crucial to formalize the changes through the court system.

Verbal agreements, even if made in good faith, must be documented and filed with the court to be legally enforceable. For instance, if your ex-spouse offers to waive support payments for a year in exchange for your commitment to cover summer expenses or private school costs, it’s essential to have the agreement in writing and validated by the court. This not only ensures your ex-spouse’s compliance but also safeguards you from potential contempt issues.

Navigating Modifications: In cases involving child custody and child support, Ohio State law allows for modifications when substantial changes in circumstances occur. This alteration must serve the best interests of the child. Examples of such changes include a parent’s health issues or disability, a child’s special needs (such as educational or medical requirements), a parent’s struggle with alcohol or substance abuse, failure to meet parenting time obligations, failure to meet child support payments, significant developmental changes in the child, and a parent’s relocation.

Securing Your Future: If you find yourself in a situation necessitating modifications to existing court orders, it’s important to address the changes formally through the legal system. At Thurman and Associates LLC, we can guide you through the process, ensuring that your rights and obligations are protected.

Clarifying Modifications

If you have questions about modifying or updating your post-divorce documentation, our experienced attorneys are here to help. Contact us today to receive the guidance you need.