Mediation: A Path to Resolution

In the evolving landscape of divorce proceedings, Thurman and Associates LLC envisions a future where mediation becomes a pivotal step in the process. While not yet a requirement in Ohio, many courts are recognizing the benefits of mediation and encouraging parties to explore this alternative before pursuing litigation, except in specific cases.

Understanding the essence of mediation begins with understanding its boundaries. Mediation is not about coercion; it’s about collaboration. A mediator acts as a neutral guide, facilitating dialogue between parties to help them arrive at their own agreement. Decisions remain in the hands of those involved, not the mediator. The mediator’s role is to streamline the path to a resolution.

Empowerment through Mediation: Our strong recommendation is for both parties to consider mediation whenever feasible. The success of mediation is closely tied to the emotional state of both individuals. We recognize that the emotional complexities of ending a marriage can impact the mediation process. At times, mediation may not be an immediate option, but the legal journey will continue. Informal mediation may occur during negotiations, facilitated by legal representatives, while formal mediation can be pursued through collaborative law practices.

Reducing Court Involvement: Ultimately, our aim is to guide couples toward resolving disputes with minimal court intervention. Mediation stands as a key tool in achieving this goal. By fostering open communication and understanding, mediation provides a platform for constructive dialogue, paving the way for mutually agreeable solutions.

Choosing the Path of Mediation: For those contemplating divorce, mediation offers an avenue to address issues in a more amicable and productive manner. Thurman and Associates LLC believes that exploring mediation before entering formal legal proceedings can lead to a smoother transition.

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