Addressing Domestic Violence and Abuse: A Priority for Your Safety

Domestic violence and abuse within a family are painful realities that demand immediate attention and support. Whether you find yourself as a victim or a perpetrator, Thurman and Associates LLC is here to provide guidance and assistance tailored to your situation.

Recognizing the Prevalence: Domestic violence and abuse are sadly common occurrences, affecting over a million families each year. Often, these issues escalate during periods of separation or divorce, making early intervention crucial.

Seeking Help and Counseling: If you are the perpetrator, seeking counseling is vital to address and rectify harmful behavior. For victims, counseling offers a path towards healing and recovery while ensuring your safety.

Understanding Ohio Revised Code Section 2919.25: Ohio law clearly defines domestic violence, encompassing actions that cause physical harm, recklessly cause serious harm, or create the belief of imminent physical harm to a family or household member.

Taking Action: If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, the first step is to involve the police. Prompt action is necessary to address criminal charges. For civil protection, an Ex Parte Civil Protection Order (CPO) can be filed, providing immediate relief and protection.

The Ex Parte CPO Process: The Ex Parte CPO offers swift protection through a temporary order that becomes permanent after a full hearing. It safeguards victims from threats, violence, and harassment. Our experienced team can guide you through the process, helping you present evidence effectively.

Strategies for Alleged Abusers: If you’re falsely accused of domestic violence, we will work on strategies to protect your rights and reputation. Promptly addressing these allegations is crucial to maintain your parental rights and responsibilities.

Child Abuse: Child abuse, an alarming aspect of domestic violence, must not be ignored or covered up. Reporting child abuse is imperative, and immediate help should be sought for victims. False allegations of child abuse are equally damaging and must be addressed.

Your Safety and Well-Being: We prioritize your safety and the safety of your child(ren). Whether it’s seeking a civil protective order, providing evidence, or helping you transition to a safe environment, our dedicated team is here to support you.

Choosing the Right Path: Thurman and Associates LLC understands the complex emotions and challenges involved in situations of domestic violence. We offer compassionate guidance and the legal expertise needed to navigate through these difficult times.

If you’re considering divorce due to domestic violence our experienced attorneys are here to guide you through the process.

Contact us today to ensure your safety and secure your future.